The Xtreme Series Window System

Homefix Corporation’s Xtreme Windows are the high efficiency windows, which can help homeowners save money on their heating and cooling costs. Earning the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, the Xtreme Series is built for the high thermal performance, easy operation, and beautiful design. Choose Xtreme for windows that add maximum curb appeal, reduce energy costs, and remain effective and easy to use for decades.

The Perfect Fit for Your Home

X5 Window Styles


Our Xtreme Windows come in a variety of styles and have many different customization options, ensuring that we have a high performance window that will suit your home, and your style. Our windows are secure, yet easy to operate from the inside, with many styles featuring tilt-in panes for easy cleaning and smooth operation.


X5: High Efficiency Windows

Energy Efficient Window X5

The top performing dual-glass, the Xtreme 5 performs better than the standard Low-E window. The X5 is 50% more efficient at blocking solar heat gain, blocks 96% of the sun’s fabric-fading UV rays, insulates your home 32% better than the standard Low-E window, and controls glare while still transmitting visible light and maintaining a clear exterior appearance.

For more information about HomeFix Corporation’s Xtreme Window Series, download the brochures below.

Xtreme Window Brochure  Xtreme 5 Window Brochure


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